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FairTech Ltd is the official lighting supplier of Regent Lighting for the Maltese Islands. We source top quality Regent luminaries for your home, office space, shops, buildings, banks, galleries, retail, churches,museums, jewelry stores, exhibitions, fitness centers, health centers and for the manufacturing industry. Some of the most renowned European Interior and Exterior Designers and Architects select Regent luminaries as it is their preferred choice of lighting.

We are highly qualified in understanding how you can obtain optimal lighting energy usage with lighting solutions specifically for your space. We offer consultancy advise upon assessing your designated space and provide you with a lighting study which will formulate the perfect ambiance which you are seeking in either a room or object and can then provide the corresponding lights to achieve this.

If you want outstanding quality with style, we are the people to speak with. Please contact us for a consultancy either on site or with plans.

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